Thursday, August 26, 2010

OVER 4700 Twitter followers who actually listen! WOO HOO!


This is the thing, Twitter is awesome, no doubt. As you can see my followers are now nearly up to five thousand. I tweet mostly business info, geek stuff, stuff that interests me.

Obviously it interests others as well.

Within the Cyber reality you need a degree of netcapability, you gotta be up to speed dude, at least to a degree. Most people are, but many still don't know the basics of how to get out there, like how to build a good Twitter list.

The best way is to follow about 20 - 50 peeps a day in your related niche. So you go into Twitter and use search.twitter.com it's like, a search engine inside twitter.

You can find everything that people are tweeting about and find like minded souls to communicate your messages to. It's very cool.

I love being able to join a conversation between people on the other side of the globe it's awesome. You share info, make stuff happen.

Now Twitter has all these rules that must be obeyed or they slap you.

SO there is a right way and a stupid way to work with Twitter, may I suggest the RIGHT WAY!

Thing is it can be time consuming and people drop off twitter because it becomes like a job!


I work, don't get me wrong, I work hard, I believe everyone should, but not too hard, and not stupidly if you can avoid it.

SO, I outsource the part of Twitter I don't like which is the JOB like part of following and building and managing. I still guide my tweets and set my follower search agenda. BUT the slug work is done by my Buddies behind the PUSH IT button. They keep me in the rules and humming along at a good follower ratio and all that stuff.

They work for me, that's cool.

Whatever you do, don't use those auto follow robots, Twitter hate those! Plus the followers you get from them are crap auto follows that no-one ever reads!

This is why I use these guys, they are real people, and they care about your account because it's their business!

You Can Have A Genuine FREE 7 DAY TEST for visiting netcapability TODAY.

You don't need a credit card and you can keep the followers, if you don't want to go through with it, you can even talk to the guy that runs the business on the phone!

It's real and it's cool and it's not expensive and it takes you to the next level really easily.

I Highly Recommend You Give It a Try

You Got The Envelope Now PUSH IT!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Just Push It!

Push the little blue button and push the envelope of your experience in cyberspace.

You may be surprised at just how easy it is to do this honestly, everyone will be doing it soon.

Why be left behind when you can lead from the front?

Cyber capability made easy for you.

Cyber space and the internet are booming.

While the structures of the old 20th century are fading and collapsing a new economy is emerging.

Social marketing is leading the trends in this brave new world.

Anyone anywhere with a computer can literally become a millionaire from home wyith a good genuine offer and a little bit of marketing know how.

The best thing about the web is it's cheap to start.

Twitter is the most exciting thing right now and is only growing like crazy.

For those who really know how to use Twitter, it is proving to be valuable tool in anyones marketing arsenal.

It is real time , it is real.

If you can create a Followers list and establish long-term relationships with people who are interested in your product, service or cause and get to the top of search engines.

Suddenly you become a kind of micro celebrity.

Your business, social group, theatre company, band, political group, or online business become increased in stature and effectiveness.

You are simply crazy to ignore social media like Twitter anymore.

Google and Bing, have now joined forces with Twitter giving them, and every consumer, the ability to add real time tweets to their Search Engine Results. Our search criteria for your potential customers include:

• Tweeted keywords or phrases
• Bio keywords or phrases
• Location
• Who is following your top competitors
• And much more

I will personally demonstrate this to you with a 7Day Free Trial if you are a qualifying online tweeter.

Hey and my free 7 day trial is with no cost or obligation to continue and without any credit cards. I don't want you to give me a cent until you are convinced

And Brother....about 50% of people who do my free test sign up! No joke.

I don't wanna boast but I really know what to do here. I can target very specific niche stuff tailored to you and BLAMMO we can have a good 10,000 plus list going for you in a short time.

BUT!!! You can have a list that is 10,000 people who will actually want to see your message.

No scatter gun gun approaches here.

• Are you using Twitter to market your online business?
• Are you or is anyone at your company actively “Tweeting” on a regular basis (daily or a few times a week)?

• Do you currently have over 200 followers?

Click my link in the top right hand corner and we can get started.

Seven days from now you can have an impressive free start on your twitter account courtesy of this cutting edge top end service.

See you on the next page!